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Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm sitting here, eyes dilated, waiting on dinner to finish cooking. I went to the eye doctor today. I should say I went to the eye doctor today finally. I've worn glasses since I was 12 years old, so this really isnt a big deal. But given that I turn 40 in two weeks, I guess it was just one more .. reminder that I am slowly getting older. Not only do I need glasses for far vision(as I've had for years), I now need them for reading/computer work too. (I've been having some eye strain between reading for pleasure and computering) He suggested getting two pairs of glasses, rather than bifocals. I dont know how that would go or if I really want two pairs, so will have to ask questions as I go look at frames. I was also hoping that given the case that I did have to have two pairs, I could just get some "ready readers" at the drug store. The person in the optical center said that wouldn't work for my needs. Sighz. So as soon as I can see clearly, I'll go pick some out somewhere. It is funny to me that they assume you'd want to pick out frames at their lens store right after your exam given how fuzzy my vision is right now. There is no way that I could have seriously picked anything out. There was another man in the lens store there that had dilated eyes, like me, that wanted to know the time. He couldn't see the time on his cell phone and asked my daughter to look for him.

Thankfully, my eyes are healthy. I found it extremely cool to see the pictures of my eyes up on the computer screen. It is amazing what they can do to check the health of your eyes now. He said that they will save the images to compare to next year, when he wants me to return again for an exam.

Everything is so fuzzy still.(here three hours later) I was glad that my daughter, Hannah, wanted to come with me. She drove us home most of the way. (meaning I tried it, but gave up about half way home and let her take over) Part of the way home, when I was still driving, it was sort of funny. She said, "Look, there is a cute dog". I said, "Where"? (teasing her..I really could see the dog...however blurry it might have been). She asked, "Really"? I said, "No, I'm just kidding, I see the dog". I did decided though it would be safer and better for all to let her drive. Like I said, I am glad she was there. I would have hated to have to drive all the way home like this. I might would be still sitting in the parking lot waiting for my eyes to recover. They did offer me some of those cool sunglasses, but that only helped the brightness impact.

I dont remember being effected by dilation like this before. Maybe it is just that so much time has past since I went to the eye doctor. (six or seven years) We've never had eye insurance as a married couple, now we do. I've always had to pay for my exams and glasses, which was always a huge outlay of money. It did mean having to switch doctors to go to one "in network". I wasnt crazy about going to someone else as I've seen this same group of eye doctors since I was 12. I did like this Dr though, and felt he took the time to answer all my questions and explain things well.

Still and yet-I sit here approaching my 40th, feeling older by the minute. His comment about my near vision was, "Your near vision will be going downhill for the next several years, it happens to everyone." Was that suppose to be comforting or consolidating? He also told me that my astigmatism is worse than 90% of the general public. This definitely was not a "feel good" visit LOL!

While my inner child is alive and well, it is slowly getting smothered out by by aging body. The fight is fierce. My body says, "you are old", my inner child says "oh yeah"? while sticking out her tongue.

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