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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

For the first couple of years American Idol was on TV, it barely made a blip on our family's radar. We would hear bits and pieces and would see some headlines online as we surfed, but we really didn't care to look into it more. Then, along came season 5 and Chris Daughtry, who was from an area of NC that is five miles from my house. Since it created some extra interest locally, we tuned in here and there. The show hit our radar a little, but we were just not "in" yet. Last year, we saw bits and pieces, but nothing spectacular. This year, my 15 year old son, Christopher has been interested. Since there is nothing better on TV and I haven't really minded, we've tuned in and watched from night one. We've watched each show so far this season.

I was somewhat amused when a week ago, on the show that aired February 26th, to see Simon with his hand like this when he was judging some of the male contestants. I kept thinking to myself (and eventually verbalized it to my family) that it looked like to certain artists he was putting up a big L for loser by holding his hand this way. I would like to believe it was not intentional, but wouldn't it be so funny/bad if it was some subliminal message he was trying to get across of how he really felt?

Another note about the show...sort of a dated response...but what is it with all these people that come out to audition that really are NOT GOOD? I mean, I "get it", there is a difference between singing good enough for family and friends and singing good enough for church and all, but not everyone is going to sing good enough that someone is going to pay to see you or buy your records...or CDs. That is what this is all about, finding the next superstar that you would PAY money to go see or buy their CDs.

I remember being in eight grade auditioning for A Christmas Carol at Aycock Jr High School . I sang America The Beautiful for that audition. I knew I was not a singer, I knew that it didn't sound awful, but I also knew that I was not lead material. One of my good friends, Katie Jo got the part of Little Timmy's mother just as she should have, and I was right where I belonged, as one of many that were labeled "chorus". I had a solo where I got to sing , "me ma has got the turkey" or something to that effect and perhaps one line...but beyond that I just sung along with everyone else when it was our turn to sing in unison. I was OK with that. I never had more aspirations beyond that. I understood, no one was paying to see me sing (except my parents and some friend's parents). It was enough to just be a part of something and do something different for fun that I had never tried before. I tried one more school play after that and did a couple for church, but I never got it in my head that just because folks patted me on the back that I did a good job that I should go audition for a national TV reality show in front of the WHOLE COUNTRY! Perhaps it was just a different world than it is now. Perhaps.

So for now, I'm entertained by American Idol. I like a few of the people that are on it (and believe that several have enough talent and should be there) and am ready for a couple to leave already. I wonder what I'd be watching if there was something better on? LOL

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I never got into the show, but to answer your question as to why. I think some people are really that messed up and think they are good. The rest of the "bad" singers just want to end up on TV.

By Blogger Tanya, at 12:17 PM, March 06, 2008  

Yeah, I agree. I think anymore most know they wont win (or even do well) they just want the exposure the show will give them. Their "15 minutes of fame", if you will.

By Blogger Muddy, at 1:20 PM, March 06, 2008  

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