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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Last week, I signed up for an art class at the local community college. They recently built a new East Side campus, which is much closer to my house than the main campus on the other side of town. I noticed in the listings of non credit classes a drawing class. I have considered taking an art class (among many things) there before. Never was it the right time, not to mention the long drive was a deterent. Now, it seems the timing was good, and the drive perfect. I am having fun with it. As I mentioned, it is a non credit class. If at home, I probably would not devote this much time to one drawing. In this class, we have two and a half hours to work on one drawing. This picture here beside my words is what I did today (though very much resized down)The ones below are from last week. Below that are more church notebook sketches. Glory is God's always.

Lessons in Drawing folded cloth

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That's excellent. You captured the light and shadow of the folds very well.

By Blogger Steven Swain, at 6:55 AM, September 16, 2005  

Thanks-Never do I usually get to indulge in a couple of hours like this regularly being challenged in my artwork, or even having this much time to work on a single drawing as I do with this class. That is probably the main thing I am getting out of it-the time set aside to work on something I love to do.

Glory is always God's

By Blogger Muddy, at 11:48 PM, September 22, 2005  

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