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Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's amazing what a fresh hair cut can do for your mood-especially if you have a good hair stylist. According to my card from Super Cuts-It has been since April since I've had a hair cut. I let it grow very long this summer, and also have been growing out my bangs. Finally enough was enough. No more throwing it in a pony tail when it was in my face or feeling heavy. I wanted a hair cut. So this morning I finally went. I hate going. It always seems like pulling teeth to get them to understand what I meant. This lady listened and actually did exactly what I wanted her to do. She even made a suggestion that was helpful. So around my chair sat 4 inches of hair in a pile. Amazing. It feels so much better...and will keep my neck warmer than it has been. A pony tail seems to evoke a draft(which is cold this time of year)! LOL
We traveled through a local nativity scene tonight at a church nearby. It was a drive through kind of thing with the people staged around the church building outside. There were different real animals and some really neat scenery. We've been through that one before and knew it would be good. Afterwards we drove through the cemetary here in Gibsonville to see the luminaries. The Boy Scouts sell and set them up each year.
We then drove to Krispy Kreme for a box of doughnuts. Their machine was broken, so no hot doughnuts now. We did pick up some gift cards for gifts....and also a calendar (with buy one get one coupons...or freebie coupons) with some pretty cool retro pictures in it of times past.
On the way home, we passed by Stoney Creek and drove through their luminaries. Some other Boy Scouts (or possibly the same group) put those out. Amazing looking and fun to drive through.
Yesterday, after I quit (yes quit) phone books for the year (long story) , we went to the Streets at Southpoint. The kids and us split up (each with a walkie talkie) in order to do some Christmas Shopping in secret. When we gathered together again, my kids kept mentioning the "bubble snowflakes". They asked if we saw them, which we had not. (My husband and I had walked together through the inside of the mall mainly...and had not made it to the outside). They wanted us to see these bubble on our way out to the car, we went through the area and they said see....see the snowflakes of bubbles. I looked up and then took a deep breath. I saw these bubbles....appearing as snowflakes floating down. In my deep breath I sucked in some (LOL) I then started gagging thinking, what did I just suck in? I then learned how to walk through them without sucking them into my nose or mouth. Im sure they are non toxic, but it sort of took me by surprise. It was a neat idea, and looked pretty cool falling from the sky....but I hope no one has any kind of allergic reaction to the bubbles falling on their skin or as I did, because they suck them into their airway.
It was nice to just be able to walk around, see the mall decorations, hear the music and feel the excitement in all the different activities that Christmastime is near.

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Haircuts can be cool. I get mine cut to the length of a nice pile carpet every three weeks and call it a day.

Southpoint is awesome. I think you ingested dishwashinbg liquid, so I wouldn't be worried.

Quit the phone books? You have tell this story. :-)

By Blogger Steven Swain, at 12:45 AM, December 18, 2005  

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