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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Today-while it was so very hot outside, we watched Eight Below on DVD. This was a great movie (especially if you enjoy the snow and dogs. Be prepared, your eyes may mist up during certain scenes.
You can get the basic story at the link. We plan on watching it one more time before sending it back to Netflix.
Thanks Joel for the recommendation!

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Even a movie about snow coudn't make it bearable out there! It's way too hot.

By Blogger Steven Swain, at 11:00 PM, August 03, 2006  

Our TV is inside not "out there". Makes a difference ;)

By Blogger Muddy, at 6:52 PM, August 04, 2006  

You're very welcome. I'm glad that you and your family enjoyed it as well.

By Blogger Joel, at 9:24 PM, August 05, 2006  

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