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Monday, October 23, 2006

The next step in this process of "becoming 40" was to get my drivers license renewed. I still dont have my new glasses, but I really wanted to just get this chore out of the way.(Even though as soon as I get my new glasses, I'll look different from the picture) It has been eight years since I had to get my license renewed. North Carolina had made some changes in the past ten years and with that, I had an extended time between renewals.

I went into the office. I choose the one that sits beside Lorillard in Greensboro on Market St, because that is my favorite. Maybe I really enjoy that one because it was where I went 24 years ago for my original permit and first drivers license. It might be because my daddy worked at Lorillard for over 30 years before he died and the smell of the tobacco reminds me of what he smelled like coming home. For whatever reason, this is where I choose to go this time.

I really dont like this chore. I dont know why, I have nothing to hide LOL. Maybe it is just because I am afraid they will look at me and say ...naaaahh....not this time...and take my driving privilege away for no reason except I'm ugly LOL :D (Yes I am afraid, and yes that is a joke in my silly paranoia)

I took Hannah with me. She liked going and remembers when I had to go there before. We had to wait in line for my turn. We had to wait about fifteen-twenty minutes in order to be given a ticket that said we were customer 136 and to wait over there ~~~>

So, I sat down and waited for my turn. This part didn't take long. I guess it helps them to keep people from pouring out into the parking lot and organize who exactly is next. When my number was called, I went up to the man's desk. He was very much so he even smiled! He asked the usual I registered to vote, do I want to be an organ donor...etc. He then asked me to take the eye test. I read the first line as he asked me to. I think I did fine. He then told me to identify twelve of the signs. I missed two. I knew what they were for-but just couldn't remember the specifics beyond..."It's a yellow round sign". Yes that sounds dumb, but what is important is that I passed and got my license renewed thankfully.

I'll have to repeat this in five more years, God willing, but for now....this chore attached to being forty is done and I am glad. It was also nice to get wind of what my daddy smelled like way back when. I dont like the smell of cigarette smoke, but this smell-the smell of tobacco there smells just like he did when he'd come home each day-and it is priceless.

One week, two days until...stay tuned..

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