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Friday, January 19, 2007

I have some more snow pictures I may share...but before I get to those, I just wanted to honor my parents who were married 50 years ago today. My father has gone ahead of us having passed from this life to heaven...but we still remember the day he and my mother were joined together as one. It is bittersweet, you know? I wouldnt dream my father back to this world for anything....he is in a better place (and has been for almost 19 years)...but I do miss him...his wisdom and humor. My kids only know him through the stories I share with them about my mother and father.
One of my favorite memories in my whole life is the one of the first month anniversary my husband and I shared. We had already decided (after hearing many stories that sometimes your wedding cake (the top) will get dry and eww if you keep it for a year in the freezer until your first year anniversary) to use it for our first month. Being that our first month anniversary conincided with my parent's 30th wedding anniversary, we invited them to share it with us. We went out to eat, and then returned to our apartment with them to share our wedding cake top. The next day it snowed...a lot. Perfect.
So this post is a rememberance as I honor their special day today...thinking of what was, what is.

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