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Friday, January 18, 2008

When do you know you truly are living in a small rural town?

When one of the feature stories on the front page of your local (small town) paper is about a squirrel ordinance!
OK first off, I had no idea my town(population in the 4,000's) had a squirrel ordinance. Secondly, I didn't realize the ordinance was troublesome. (even more so says our police chief than the squirrels that are apparently running wild and rampant through our town) I never knew that we had enough of a squirrel problem that would require folks to SHOOT Them!?!!!! Yes folks, this article talks about how an ordinance set up in the 70's allowed folks to go to the police chief to get a permit to shoot squirrels. The article talks about one man standing on his porch swinging his gun around and then telling a neighbor he had the police's permission to do so. (because apparently he was going squirrel huntn'?)

We've had a lot of squirrels in our yard the past few weeks, but we also have a hickory nut tree they LOVE. Easily we can see six-ten squirrels in our yard at one time running around. They are cute and entertaining. With that said, however, I never would think to SHOOT them. I know, I know, some people do find them to be bothersome and some people probably still find them good eats. (it is the south afterall) Either way the story gave me a good laugh and a good reminder of how small of a town I live in and why I love it so.

(To give credit where credit is due, the story was found in the Creekside Chronicle paper that comes once a month in the mai...oh that I had a link to the particular story I read to share with you all so you could see it first hand for yourself!)

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