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Monday, February 07, 2005

I have always loved paints and colors and papers of many shades. I have always enjoyed as I've stated getting messy as I created my "master pieces". The picture above was taken sometime around my seventh birthday. This was one of my absolutely most favorite pastimes. I could have spent hours (and did many days) just painting what I knew. I loved mixing colors to get new colors and the way that it made the glass of water look when I rinsed out my brushes. I must admit though, that I still enjoy all these things. Though pencils, pens, colored pencils and PSP seem to be my current choosen outlets for this artistic creativity, paint will always be the messy fun just waiting for me when I have the time. How one color compliments another, though very different from one another facinates me. How colors can be hot or cold and lend a tone, a melody that you feel the passion in the art inspires me. How can it be that purple looks good with yellow? How is it that blue is a great compliment to orange? I do not know, but I do enjoy mixing up the colors and blending shades.

I find that often I want to play it safe where color is concerned. I am careful to make sure that everything matches or that everything is not clashing. But mostly, I notice the beauty that occurs when two colors are matched. Both colors could stand on their own, both colors could be mixed to make a new color (careful though or everything turns brown lol), but the beauty occurs because both colors look even more beautiful beside another. Somehow completed, somehow enhanced because the two build up one another. I was thinking about this some as I made up my bed. I recently started laying a new (and different) throw on the end of the bed after it is made. It is a different color than the "safe" beige blanket that was there. This one is blue, and as I looked at it next to the quilt already there, I started seeing things in the quilt I had not, for it pulled out more of the beauty in the quilt...Side by side both made a good pair.

I think Christians are a lot like this. No , we are not all alike, nor do we always seem "complimentary", but we do often pull out the good in one another as we stand side by side. I believe the real word is edification, and the artist is God through His Holy Spirit, as He paints our lives together.
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