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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Well dinner is in the crockpot, due to be finished in about an hour or so. I sit here catching up on various, surfing, going to ebay to make sure I am still winning a book we need for Hannah's Algebra lessons. It has three days , and knowing how cut throat some of those that bid on homeschooling things can be....a lot can happen between now and then.
Hannah volunteers at the local library on Thursdays. She loves it. She said today she sat there with the librarian while she ordered books for the library. Generally she gets to shelve books, straighten books....and cut out things for the storytime hour...activities for the kids.
We also are at the time here in NC, where in a week, she will be legally old enough to take drivers ed. I sort of thought she might be a bit hesitant, but isnt. We're looking at our options. Usually there is a homeschooling class of them, where if they get so many gathered, it's free. That would be nice. Free usually is Ü
I could dive into "where have all the years gone", but I know where they went....and they have been fun. I am enjoying this part of my kids life right now. They are old enough to really understand responsibility, and also see first hand that their choices do have consequences. They see again and again that life isnt always easy, and that we do not always get our way. They both have personal relationships with Christ. They are interesting people, both with interests that are not always directly from me and their dad. Its fun to talk to them, and to ask them questions to see what they might say. They are fun to share things with, things from our past (tv shows, music, pictures) as well as things that we can all do together. They know how to do housework, and so are also very good to work with in order to get something done. I think I am constantly amazed at what comes out of their mouths as well as what they may do in reaction to a situation. I am glad too that this stage still has a few years....and that it isnt over yet!
Im still looking for more than a "dusting" of snow. Maybe if I spread splenda all over our yard, it might call some on?

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