From The Mud Puddle

Thursday, January 13, 2005

So I am recently back from the store where we bought a muzzle for the dog. My hopes are/were to buy one so that I could cut his fur without fear of being bit. The muzzle was too small, though it said it was for cocker spaniel sized dogs...up to 45 lbs. Must fit like baby clothes....where you have to use a size larger to fit something smaller.
Its raining. Its messy...lots of puddles-but fortunately, I didnt fall in any of them ;)
Hoping this rain and wind usher in the cooler weather they say it is suppose to. Im somewhat weary of the spring time temps we've had the last 2-3 weeks! I am ready for a good snow in kind of snow. We surely do not get enough of it around here.

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