From The Mud Puddle

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

It's snowing here at my house in NC right now. We have a light dusting on the ground and the street. It's not suppose to do much...but sure is a welcomed treat after the unseasonably weather we've had up until last week. Its not suppose to feel like summer and spring in the middle of winter! Its suppose to be cold and snowy and different. The feel of the season is snow, and cold and bundle up, not warm and muggy and air conditioning. Perhaps there is a lesson though in that. We go by what we have read and know is true, not by what we feel. It may feel like spring or summer-but we KNOW its winter. We may feel its muggy...but we KNOW its January. It may not always feel like winter, but we know it is because it is that season and the calendar tells us its so. Likewise, we may not always feel things ...towards God, or feel close to God...or we may feel he has moved-but in reality, He is right there beside us because we KNOW-because in Gods word it says so. I am thankful that my feelings do not dictate truth...and that there is a difference between what we feel physically (the flesh) and what we know in our soul (the spirit)...and that we are not ruled by what we feel, but by His spirit living in us as we KNOW he will always be by our side because of His word....and God ALWAYS keeps His word.

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