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Monday, May 02, 2005

There are a few things that have been on the back burner for a while. I often wonder why it is so hard to get going on them. They could change my life if I were to go ahead and get dirty doing them, unafraid of being perfect and having to redo them.
I remember my grandmother trying to teach me to crochet, and my mother trying to teach me to sew. I wanted to just plow through it, without a mind to how it was done...but they would make me rip out bad stitches and seems to redo them. I hated to redo, I still do. I realize though, that what holds me back is myself, and the fear that I cannot do what I have 'amind to do. What holds me back, is me.
What holds me back is that often I have so many thoughts in my head...things to write, things to do a certain way, yet on paper it never comes across the way I intend. The perfectionist in myself keeps me from doing anything. The knowledge that I am going to fail before I succeed, if I succeed keeps me hostage as I continue to hold in my mind thoughts and ideas and plans that need action.
I'd like to think that part of the problem is just lack of time, quality time...but I know that isnt true either. We give time and effort to those things that are important to us, and that we find worthy of our efforts.

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Wonderful thoughts! Thanks for sharing. Now that you recognize the problem, what do you do to change it?

By Anonymous ~KJ, at 10:20 AM, May 02, 2005  

My first thought was to say "absolutely nothing"

But my second thought-which really is the fuel behind the post is that I need to decide which project I want to fail at first, so I can at least mark them off one by one as I go from failure to completion in 10 easy steps ;)

By Blogger Muddy, at 11:12 AM, May 02, 2005  

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