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Monday, April 25, 2005

My chicken pie is in the oven cooking, so I have a few minutes to sit here and soak in cyberspace -whatever that means.

We survived Bayley's birthday with lots of love and hugs. Cake for us, and Frosty paws for him. He also received a new tinkle ball and some toy rings from us that we found at Wal-Mart. Yes we went a bit overboard, but we also know he is reaching middle age...and well, we just wanted to spoil him a bit more than he already is. That is not a crime, it is puppy love!

My daughter started taking driver's education today. She is taking the class with a group of homeschoolers. She will do all the classroom work this week, and will pick up on the driving part hereafter. There are 32 in her class. She enjoyed it, but also is glad that she doesnt have to do the 7:45 am -2 PM thing daily either right now. I think we were all sort of curious how this would go for her (and us), especially with the carpooling thing thrown in. We didnt know any of the parents before today that we are sharing the rides with. It was a good day for her and us. She learned some new things, and met some new people.

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