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Friday, February 25, 2005

So where did I go the couple of you that check by here regular might have asked (or not ;)...
Well a few things happened on the way to my blog...
1. My computer decided last week to not acknowledge my cable modem anymore (for now) I do have dial up via AOL, but for the most part I am spoiled-and until I get a new computer (which hopefully will be soon), I am having to limit how much I am here...takes Wayyy too long to get anywhere on the web with dial up (compared to what I knew lol) I am thankful , however, for dial up. Without it, I wouldnt be here at all.
2. I am an AOL HOST-and there were some changes in what I was doing-so trying to catch up and sort through all the information there. Talk about long threads! :)
3. I've had a cold...aaachoooo....that started last friday night. I am getting over it...but still feel pretty wiped out energy wise.
4. DVD player and lots of Movies and Dr quinn to keep us occupied in our down time after school. For some reason , ever since I was little, watching tv was always the only thing I wanted to do when feeling sicky. LOL
that is most of it....more later...and come on...if you visit here....say hello....I'd like to hear from you!

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