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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I need to post something. I am not sure what yet though. I have a few things in drafts that I've worked on and then just didnt publish yet. I have many things on my mind to say-but then I have been distracted by life and they just havent come to be written on the screen.
We started phone book deliveries today in another town near us. These books are only a tiny fraction of what the books we did in Greensboro are. We should be, God willing, done sometime in the next two weeks. This delivery doesnt take nearly as long.
I also have been doing some more model home temp jobs. They have gone well, and has been a way for God to provide some additional funds for needs we have had. They are blessings, though I do miss my kids when Im there. I am ever so sensitive to the time slipping away that we have now that we are in the teenage years with one...and will be with the other in two months.
My husband has a birthday this week, he will be 42. This past saturday was an anniversary of sorts. It was the anniversary of when I met my husband. Twenty years ago saturday...we met. It is interesting to consider my life, and that I have now known my husband for more years than the years I didnt know him.
My sister's oldest child turned 18 today. It is hard to believe he is that old. I remember seeing him right after he was born. He will head to college God willing this fall.
Time...time is passing ever so quietly. I think about the world, and time...and I realize that with every heartbeat...we step closer to the time when Jesus will return for His bride. I look forward to that day with anticipation.

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