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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This week has been mixed with joy and some fustration (but arent most weeks?) ..
I finally found a new computer that hopefully in time will become my new best friend. No no, just kidding...but with all that I end up doing here, one would think. That is the joy. The joy of no more surprise cut offs (hopefully)...the joy of faster speed (beyond what I had with cable)...and the joy of more space and more power.
It comes with some fustrations that I am trying to work out here. For now, I am unable to get my printer and scanner hooked up. Since they are major players in what I do here...I am hoping this is just a minor snag. Otherwise...Im doomed! No No...another kidding moment...Otherwise I'd either have to eventually buy an additional scanner, or I'll be doing some major hoop jumping to get things scanned and then transfered over to here to work with, and then back over there to print. Im sure it will work out...but hopefully with no cost to my pocketbook ;)
So for now, Im happily exploring this thing. It keeps asking me to play with, configure, install, tickle, run after different programs....and some of the questions I stare at blankly. It was like taking me out of a warm and worn comfy sweatshirt and putting me into a stiff new one that hasnt lived life with me yet. So here we go on a new adventure. Last time, five years ago when I got the first computer (that we didnt have to peddle ;)...God took it and showed me His intention for me and it a purpose here beyond anything I had in mind (another story /another day)....So in excited expectation, I wait...and listen....and surf....
(any and all suggestions are very welcome to my problems though ....)

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