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Friday, June 24, 2005

From our Heritage to our Legacy
I was thinking about this some today when at the temp job. When we are small, folks that we are related to...Mother's, Father's, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents..all contribute somehow to teaching us about our heritage (if we are fortunate) We learn where we are from, customs of our families, and what it means to be a part of that family. When we have our own younguns, though perhaps not always conscience of it, we strive to leave within our kids a legacy. We go from being the takers of heritage to the givers of a legacy passed down. We go from learning to teaching. We take our children in our hands and guide their ways as we were guided. Some of what we may teach and train our kids may be different than what we ourselves learned as we have grown and time and tradition has changed...but the timeless things such as faith, and where we are from are things that do not change with the ticking clock or the changing of the seasons and passing of the years. What my mother and grandmother put in me, is and has been slowly passed down to my own two and likely, if the Lord tarries, my own two will pass down their heritage to their own kids as well. It's an amazing blessing to be in on. While their faith has to become their own faith...the roots can and will be traced back through my own and through that of their father. They cannot claim my faith as their ticket into where they will spend eternity, no more than I can claim my mother's or grandmother's or father's faith for where I will spend mine...But I can realize the importance of each day spent, each word said, each act done seen and unseen that shoots my arrows(kids) unto the Lord. Praises to the Lord for this.

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