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Monday, October 24, 2005

I dont know why I even thought of this, after all these years. Today is the birthday of my best friend from first and second (and probably third) grades. She was only a week and a day older than me. I remember going to her birthday party in first grade. Many other girls from that class were there. Likewise, a week later they came to my party. What fun! Her name was Lesley. I have no idea where she is today or what she is doing. (though, I think I saw her marriage announcement many years ago, if it was indeeed her) Somewhere after third or fourth grade we sort of grew apart and I never saw her again. We now deliver phone books on the street she lived. I still remember that house (though it is very different looking now from then). We alternated riding the school bus home with each other here and there for play dates. Our moms would pick us up later in the afternoon. We got in so much trouble talking when we should have been doing our schoolwork at school in second grade and we couldnt quit giggling. It probably was the only year I got called down by the teacher consistantly. I also remember one time when we got caught out of our seats when we were suppose to be "resting" . After lunch, the teacher would go to the lounge, leaving us students in the class alone. During this time on many days, us students left behind would go behind the blackboard where the cubbies were. The blackboard stood on metal polls with an open spot underneath. We would grab hold of the chalk holder of the blackboard fling ourselves forward. We'd all run around in circles again and again, squealing in delight. As we heard the teacher coming in, we'd all run to our seats and pretend we had been resting the whole time. Well this one particular day, my friend and I didnt make it back to our seats in time and so as our punishment, we had to fling ourselves again and again from behind the blackboard. I guess the teacher thought it would tire us out, but all it did was give us more time to play. LOL Poor Mrs Draughn of second grade!
So for some reason, perhaps a God reason, she came to mind today. Happy Birthday Lesley wherever you are.

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