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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've tried to think about what I wanted to write about here for over a week. It really hasn't seemed like a writers block in the traditional way, more just trying to find some time to set aside to write the things on my mind. When I do have the time, I forget about what I want to type out.

It's the last day of January. I am amazed at how fast this month has gone by. Last month at this time I was still getting over the flu. It was new years eve, and all I could do was achoo. All of that has past thankfully. I really dont want to flip my calendars tomorrow though. I like the pictures for January....snow, skates, sleds, snowmen...log cabin in the snowy woods...afghans like my grandmother made. (yes all that on one picture for January...oh yeah and some snowflakes too). My kitchen calendar has lemons on it. I dont have as much of an attachment to that one...mainly I am attached to this one...back here beside my computer. Next month's picture is nice has hearts and such...but there is always something about the January picture in many calendars. They have one thing that is so rare here on them.....SNOW! Regardless of my thoughts about time marching on-the day will end in a few hours and I will have to flip my calendar (or be out of sorts next month LOL)

Speaking of snow, I hate to say anything, but they are talking like we might see some 'round these parts tomorrow (along with sleet and freezing rain...) I would love to see some. I hope I wake up in time to see it before it changes over. It is cold right now....but I love it. This is one of my most favorite things to see happen...the world covered over with snow. I'll let you know if it happens.

Two weeks ago, while cooking in the kitchen, I had an accident. Let me back up. First of all, no one got hurt...but something...THING died. When we got married 20 years ago...we received a glass pitcher. It was similar to the kool aid glass pitcher (and thus got named such...even though ours was plain clear glass...with no smiley face) I loved to make southern sweet ice tea in it. (raise your hand if you understand that phrase) It was the perfect size. Two weeks ago, I had a pitcher of tea sitting on the counter. We were defrosting chicken to cook. I took a plate from my husband and swung around to put it in the sink. As I did this, I hit the pitcher HARD. The glass handle broke off and just like in a cartoon, tea started pouring out of the hole now in the side of the pitcher where the handle was. I'm serious, the handle broke clean off!!! I was stunned. Quickly I took the pitcher and poured out the rest of the tea. I had to throw away a southern sweet ice tea pitcher. I was very sad. My husband and I had just days before commented about how perfect that pitcher was and how we had not seen any JUST like it anywhere in a long time. I really hope that we do find another...for about the same price this one was (it was around $12 as we saw it right after we married). I did see one on eBay, but since I haven't shopped for one yet...I didn't want to buy there yet. I haven't made tea since. It just doesn't seem right to make it in anything else. I know I'll get past this, but well...sighz.

I guess that is a good start into some writing here again. Oh I saw an interesting saying on a church on the way home tonight. It read basically those who have a family alter will find their family altered.

God bless and take care ..for now..

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