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Monday, February 05, 2007

Im not a morning person.
Friday morning at about 9:30 in the morning our doorbell rang. No one heard it (supposedly LOL) but me. Because of my husband's work schedule and the fact that we homeschool, we usually sleep a little later than most folks. Everything gets done, it just gets shifted back more...well you know what I mean if you've ever worked a job not scheduled between 9-5. The odd schedule works for us. (unless we have to wake up early or like Friday, someone that doesn't know us comes up to our door and rings the doorbell)

Anyway...I got up, half asleep and went to the door. I would have ignored it, but I kept might be a neighbor needing I went and opened the door. There was a lady standing there, very dressed up. Cheerfully she said Heyyyyy! I looked and she was carrying a bible. I groaned and said "I'm going back to bed" about the same time she said "oh I'm so sorry". I shut the door pretty hard not saying more and went back to bed (not feeling very gracious at the moment. ) I laid there for a few minutes....registering what had happened. I felt bad...but then also laughed to myself thinking I was probably being prayed over at that very moment as I must be the most heathen person ...

I do ask the question...who comes dressed up (dress, dress shoes etc) that early in the morning without an invitation? Just a very I sure I am awake or dreaming thing...and honestly I've never shut...or slammed the door in ANYONE's face like that. It wasnt meant to be anti social...and probably a few sentences into any conversation we would have had (had I not done as I did) I would have said no thanks, or not now and shut the door (albeit softer and more politely) and returned to bed anyhow. But who comes to a stranger's door at 9:30 am dressed up carrying a bible?
Like I said, I am not a morning person...

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