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Sunday, June 08, 2008

I have a personal fan, a larger fan and a ceiling fan all blowing on me right now in addition to the AC running as hard as it is able. With temps touching 100 degrees the past couple of days (with no relief in sight) we've had to combat it with running extra fans most of the day. Last night was horrible as you were either hot and sweaty or too cool (without covers) because the fans blew on your hot sweaty body, making it especially cold. There was no happy medium. I am one of those people who sleep best with the room cold, or at least cooler so that I can wrap myself in a cover. I have been dreading summer more than ever this year after last year's heat wave that didn't quit until early October. I have a shelf full of books and some other things lined up that can pass the time while I do my duty as wife, mother, taxi driver and teacher (you know, year round school) for my son.

And now, our homeschooling centers only on our son, Christopher as he jumps from 10th to 11th this summer.

Our daughter, Hannah graduated from high school last Sunday, June 1st. This was a first for us. As we felt our way through how we wanted "to do" graduation for her, others sometimes rushed ahead with gifts or asking us what we were planning to do for her. Had we been able to direct everything our way, people would have politely waited until we sent out the announcements before trying to initiate anything. I guess they assumed that since we were just simple homeschoolers, we didn't know what we were doing. I did get my feelings hurt a few times over this as I felt this was our thing. It was for Hannah, but as any homeschooler knows, homeschooling encompasses more than just the schoolwork. Homeschooling is a lifestyle. It is a way we live and really effects everything in our lives.

Homeschooling has been between the four of us for the most part. Nobody else from our families stepped forward openly embracing what we were doing. We knew it was God's plan for our family and so we walked in the footprints he placed before us, often letting Him carry us through those patches of schooling (like Algebra) that were uncertain to us. We took these steps in faith knowing that beyond the like minded people that God put in our path, we would be leaning totally on God.

Graduation for Hannah included attending a graduation luncheon at a church we've been visiting, ordering her diploma (that arrived yesterday in the mail) , giving her a balloon, some carnations and some luggage. My husband and Hannah both took the week off from their jobs, so it left us lots of time together as a family to go out to eat and just enjoy one another. We finished up designing and printing out her announcements today. They are addressed and ready to mail tomorrow. Below is what it looks like.

I have more to share, but did want to get back here and start posting again.

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First - I LOVE your announcement and I will SO be stealing the idea when the time comes.

I am sorry that your friends and family didn't allow you to direct the celebration process; and it is such a milestone when you've accomplished it 'on your own' (homeschooling).

My Christopher will be a senior this coming school year, and no matter the amount of attention and planning, I think I will somehow forget to do something and will blow his chances at college or scholarships. . . : )

Congrats, Hannah! And you too, Muddy!!

By Blogger MSM, at 11:32 PM, June 09, 2008  

I think its great that you are celebrating your daughters graduation. In our area we were lucky enough to have a homeschool group that I was able to graduate with. Of course I barely remember most of the people I graduated with.

By Blogger Tanya, at 12:24 AM, June 10, 2008  

Thanks MSM for commiserating with me in this. It IS so much more than just Hannah's graduation, but an accomplishment as a family as a whole. I think that is part of what is lost on others. I really thought that we could savor this moment and enjoy the time as she went from high school homeschool senior to what lies ahead. We were taking our time deciding how we wanted to observe it. My husband and I only get to do this(graduate our kids) twice and we did not see what the rush was. What if we had decided not to graduate her in June, but in July, or August or September? We are not set by traditional rules, but by our own. I guess I just wanted people to wait on us to direct things. Anyway...Thanks.

Also, the card, easy to do and to print off. It was a bit fustrating because the first pack of printer ink I bought was dry and I had to take it back and prove (by the awful prints) that the ink was dry before they replaced it for me. Beyond that, we were happy with how they turned out. There are many "kits" out there where you can make your own thing like this. Do you digital scrapbook any?

Tanya, we haven't formally been a part of a homeschool group in several years. (for many reasons) I know that our state group has a group homeschooling graduation, but they limit it to people that have been a part of NCHE for the ninth-twelfth grades of that student. Once again, we made an active decision when Hannah was in ninth grade that we would do something privately and it would be more meaningful to us all when her graduation came.

This comment is becoming a post in it's own LOL Thanks for contributing to the discussions with comments.

By Blogger Muddy, at 2:21 PM, June 10, 2008  

Soli Deo Gloria

By Blogger Muddy, at 2:22 PM, June 10, 2008  

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