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Friday, May 23, 2008

Two weeks ago, I had my first mammogram. I posted that I hoped that none of these routine tests and exams ever showed anything, but that I would continue regardless.

Well flash forward to this past Wednesday. In the mail arrived a letter from a local breast imaging office asking me to give them a call because they needed to talk to me. Now I had my mammogram in the office, so this was a great big neon sign to me that something was up.

It's really the last thing you want to receive in the mail after having some sort of screening like this.

I called the breast imaging office immediately and talked to one of the women that works there. She told me that they wanted to get some digital images of one of my breasts for a clearer view (which from what I learned is better than the film version done in the doctor's office) I asked specifically if they found something and she just said, not necessarily. She told me that different breasts have different textures and that sometimes it is helpful to get a better view using the digital machines.

I really didn't feel very assured, but went ahead and took their next available appointment, which was today at 3:10 pm. I really didn't want to wait through the weekend or a few weeks to find out what was going on.

So for the past two days, I've had this on my mind. It really starts to freak you out a bit when you consider your health might be getting ready to take a nose dive into the unknown. For me I would have to add, when your health might be getting ready to take a nose dive again. I've had enough health issues to last me a lifetime, yet know that one day something is going to do me in whether in a few days, a few months, a few years or when I'm 85 or so. I prayed for God to spare me this time. I really didn't want to deal with anything this year. You see, for the past six years, I've had some major medical issue appear in the even years (02, 04 and 06)...and well I would be due again for the other shoe to drop once more here in 2008. You can see, I am very optimistic and all here!

Actually I really know it is all in God's hand and he is sovereign always. But satan really would like to undermind all we know about God's peace when those waves threaten to drag us under ONE.MORE.TIME.


I went today. After feeling like a piece of meat at my gynecologist's office, I really didn't have high expectations for this office either.

I was very very wrong. This office, full of ladies, was wonderful!

It was like each one wrapped their arms around me, as if protecting one of their own. Everyone was so patient. Everyone took care to respect me and maintain my dignity.

Since two weeks ago, the thought has gone through my head that perhaps I should try to find another gynecologist...perhaps even a woman gynecologist. After today, the thought definitely will be in my consideration next year when I need to have my yearly exam. I do not change doctors lightly, and I may explain in a future post how I ended up (back) here in the first and second place one day. they did another mammogram and an ultrasound, assuring me that they did this to most everyone that came in for reevaluation like I was there for.

The doctor came in for my ultrasound and told me that she thought that what she was seeing was a fibroadenoma, a benign cyst in my breast. She wants to see me in six months to reexamine me and again in six more months after that for my regular exam. She assured me that all was normal looking and explained how she knew this cyst she was seeing was not cancerous. She said it was common in "young girls like yourself".

Now I know I love this place...a place where I am considered a "young girl" at 41 of all things.

So, concludes my first mammogram and a followup that made my head spin for the past couple of days....

And with it comes praise for God for allowing this storm to pass me by, much as the other storm the night of my mammogram two weeks ago did.

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Glad you got some not-bad news and some caring professionals to tend to you, young lady.

VERY sorry that you had to wonder and worry about what was going on since they first alerted you to something out of the norm.

I'll definitely pray that '08 (and beyond) continues to be trouble-free health-wise . . . well, otherwise, too!

By Blogger MSM, at 11:26 PM, May 24, 2008  

It's almost torture that they sent the letter and then made me wait two days (which really isnt THAT long unless you are waiting for something LIKE THIS). I would have jumped in the car immediately had they said come now. :D

By Blogger Muddy, at 12:12 AM, May 28, 2008  

Good for you on the mammo Muddy!! I recently had my mammo with clean results. Thank the Lord. My best friend is going through breast cancer. She's 39.

By Blogger Carol, at 8:40 AM, December 04, 2008  

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