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Monday, May 19, 2008

So it's the middle of the night and I find myself awake.

Figured it was about as good of time as any to reappear from my bloggy break as any.

The Saturday before Mother's Day, I started a post about being alone, and then my family came home and I was no longer alone and so it didn't apply anymore. Thoughts vanished and I never finished that post.

The Monday after Mother's Day, I wrote a post, published it for a few minutes and then really didn't feel it reflected anything that I wanted to post here, so took it down. I repeated the process once more later that day or Tuesday. I have lost track now.

I think that is when I finally posted about testing the first time. Then I finished off the week by reporting we made it through testing. It was a good blog break, a good time indeed to step away for a few days and games online.

You see, during this time, of not having much to say, I was at playing with my cocker spaniel (my kids gave me for Mother's Day) in webkinz world. We had seen other folks talking about it online, but given my kids are older teenagers, we had not experienced it. I had mentioned being interested in it, and so they gave me one that looks remarkably like our dog Bayley. (or at least how he looked when he was a little puppy)

So I am still finding my way around the whole webkinz site. In this process, I went back with my kids (because now they wanted one) and I got one more. When we were buying our webkinz, the lady at the register gave us each a free webkinz panda.(The panda is the webkinz of the month-and so there were many neat things we got once we adopted each of ours) So, I have three in a matter of a week and my kids each have two. My mind is obviously mush.

This whole webkinz thing is a racket, we knew going into it it was a racket. We know still and yet, it is a racket, yet-it is fun, not just for little people, but for older teens and well...their mom!
(Sanity Management folks!)

Last week also was the end of Survivor this season and ....well...the Bachelor, which I admit here and now to watching. I was hoping Amanda would win Survivor, but didn't. I was not invested in Shayne or Chelsea winning Matt's heart (as if it would last anyway)...but enjoyed watching the outcome, even knowing it probably isnt as real as they try to convince everyone it is. We watched Dancing with the Stars Monday and then sadly saw Marissa get voted off Tuesday. We continued with our Reality TV obsession with watching Farmer Wants a Wife on the CW. That show is a hoot as part of what he is judging the girls on is how well they take to doing farm chores like mucking out stalls or milking goats or chasing pigs to be cleaned. We got caught up with Groomer Has It and Hell's Kitchen (which I am not totally sure I like...I'm not really into watching people be belittled like Chef Ramsey seems to do....but am holding out final thoughts as I see it all through) I also have continued to watch American Idol with half interest. I watch with one eye on the TV and one doing something here on the computer if that tells you how invested I am there. I am rooting for David Cook to win it all. Tomorrow starts Deanna's Bachelorette season. We'll watch with interest as we were on Deanna's team to win last fall on the Bachelor when Brad did not pick any of the 25 girls, dumping Deanna right before he proposed (as I believe he was going to do except he didn't get "butterfly love" when he was around her...::eye roll::) We also are watching the Alaska Experiment online and have watched one show of the Verminators.

I also have been watching my site counter for a while, knowing I was nearing 10,000 hits. I was hoping that on the day it happened, I could make a big deal of it. It happened last week when I was somewhat away from the blog, passing without notice. I thought to check it yesterday and discovered that someone from Worcester, Massachusetts was my 10,000 visitor. Whoever you are, there isnt a grand prize...but I did want to say thank you for visiting and being my special guest that day. To everyone who visits, thank you. I appreciate your coming and reading. Thank you to those who comment and join in the conversation here. It is nice to know you all.

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I've got to remember to check my sitemeter; I know I'm nowhere near to 10,000 visitors, but I've gotta try to watch for that.

Glad you're 'back'. :)

By Blogger MSM, at 4:44 PM, May 20, 2008  


I have seen other things folks recognize in bloggy land. Maybe you could watch for another significant number to come...or perhaps your 100th, 500th post or something. It at least will give you a post for that day!

By Blogger Muddy, at 12:10 AM, May 24, 2008  

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