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Monday, May 05, 2008

My day started with my husband waking up my daughter for work and my not being able to go to sleep. I was tired, but made it through the day, even on the five hours sleep, way less than I would prefer. My eyes feel droopy now, but as usual, I'll probably wait for my husband to get home from work in an hour or so.

I also took my son to the orthodontist for his consultation. Wow. So sucking your thumb as a baby does reform your mouth resulting in having to wear an extra appliance and $200 more dollars (on addition to choosing which arm and leg I want to hand over in payment) to reshape it later in life. Still and yet, I would not have traded the peace and quiet the thumb sucking allowed us as he comforted himself. We'll deal with what is, which is a real well adjusted teenager that up until he busted out one of his front teeth at age six sucked his thumb. We'll be thankful for him busting out that tooth as it gave us and the dentist reason to tell Christopher his thumb sucking days were over. (and it actually worked ....within two months, he was no longer slipping up and sticking it in his mouth) We'll deal with it all and be thankful we can.

My daughter had braces a few years (getting them off last June or so), but it was a different time and different situation. She had a very straight forward situation, unlike several of the things my son will have to go through to get his mouth in order.

After that, we went to Bojangles to pick up some chicken. Now for those not familiar with Bojangles, Bojangles sells cajun chicken. Basically their whole menu revolves around chicken. So why, for the past three times we have been there in recent weeks have they been OUT OF CHICKEN? It would be like if KFC told you that they were out of chicken. It could happen, but it isnt very likely as it is their MAIN COMODITY! The guy today apologized and told us that a change in management and many of the folks that worked there had really upset the whole balance of people working or being trained. We may have to skip over that place some (which isnt a bad idea generally as fried chicken really isnt the BEST food choice-I admit)

The other really cool thing that happened today was that we received yet another free DVD set from our Pepsi Points. Before you think that we are Pepsi addicts, then know, I enjoy having the small 12 oz bottles when I am at my computer. I prefer that over a cup or a glass mainly because if I knock it over, there is a lot less of a chance I will spill drink on my computer keyboard or other things I have going on in that area. The Pepsi folks had put these yellow code lids on the packs of 12 oz bottles of drink, when they were not suppose to (so we found out later when we stopped seeing them on there) So easily we have saved up over 180 and have cashed most in on the two DVD sets we've received. First we received Pride and Prejudice and today season one of Family Affair came. I loved Family Affair when I was a kid (even though the show started the year I was born) I remember watching it in reruns and probably saw the show a little when it was on actual TV before it went off the air five seasons later. We've watched three of the episodes tonight and my kids enjoyed it as much as I did.

So that was most of my day. How was yours?

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Your chicken story reminded me of a couple of years ago when I went to Arby's Roast Beef for sandwiches--and (you guessed it)--they were out of roast beef!

By Blogger Curtis, at 3:22 AM, May 07, 2008  

Curt, thanks for visiting my blog. I hear ya on the roast beef. I also have another story where we called Pizza Hut a few years ago and they told us that they were out of dough! Huh? LOL

By Blogger Muddy, at 9:29 PM, May 08, 2008  

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