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Saturday, May 03, 2008

MSM has tagged me to tell six little known things about myself. I saw this tag yesterday and have been wringing my brain to try to think about what is little known that I dont mind sharing about myself. I could either drive away the two or three of you that read and comment regularly (and the four of you that lurk) or attract a whole new crowd of people here as they Google assorted topics. Not sure which is scarier LOL. So with that I close my eyes and type with free abandon my six things:

  • I once danced with a life size pig in a commercial for Henry James Barb-b-que.
  • I run a fan at night for white noise.
  • I kissed the same boy on the cheek day after day, after lunch in second grade when the teacher left the room and we were to have our heads on our desks resting. I stopped after I got a big lip and my dad (not knowing what had been going on) teased me that I must have gotten a big lip because I was kissing boys at school. Never knew exactly why I got a big lip though. Strange. That poor boy probably wondered why all of a sudden the affection was gone.
  • I got to go on the Old Rebel Show a few times when I was very little. It was a local kid's show. As you walked to the bleachers, you passed in front of the camera taping the show that would be shown the next day. You would say your name and how old you were to the Old Rebel and be handed a glass bottle with some kind of carbonated drink to enjoy while watching the show. One of the times my mother took my sister, brother and me, it was my birthday. Because of this, I got to go sit on this table in front of the camera and all the other kids. I was given a big box of Milk Duds.
  • I once was an AOL Host Guide, taught Newbie classes, and did a Homeschool chat before the volunteer program ended a few years ago.
  • My first "real" name is Linda.

Thanks MSM for the tag. I suppose I should tag a few folks here too, but unsure who all of you are that are out there that haven't done this meme/tag...Why not tag yourself and then come back here and post a comment with your URL letting me/us know. Or, if you dont have a blog and would like to play along, leave your six things in the comment section for all of us to enjoy!

2 comment(s):

Good stuff! The AOL host thing explains a lot of your 'skills'.

Wish there was a video of you dancing with that pig : )

By Blogger MSM, at 8:30 AM, May 04, 2008  

The AOL thing explains my internet addiction, game addiction and a whole host of other things too LOL

If I ever become "famous" or run for office (HA!) I am sure that video will resurface, if it still exists. Somehow things like that come back to haunt you eventually LOL

By Blogger Muddy, at 10:58 PM, May 04, 2008  

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