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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Last fall, Dr Pepper had this football giveaway thing. You saved lids and entered codes to try to win prizes. My son and I collected the lids and entered them as we had the time. The contest said that one in six was a winner. The first thing we won was a bottle of barbeque sauce. (which tasted really good.) Mostly the rest of what we won were ring tones, Dr Pepper Desk tops and the like. None of it was something that we got excited about. (except the bottle of Dr Pepper barbeque sauce-we just found that funny) We played along and it was fun.

Flash forward to January of this year. We noticed on the Pepsi lids that there were codes. We took a look at what you had to do to play these codes. The Pepsi Stuff site looked pretty straight forward. If you save so many lids, you could have your choice of MP3 downloads, DVDs, CDs or other assorted stuff. In December, I had placed my first Amazon order, so I had that aspect of signing up for this covered.

My son and I started entering lids. We decided that we liked the idea of getting a CD rather than MP3 downloads, so we aimed towards that. Later, we saw a DVD my daughter and I had wanted and aimed towards that instead (mainly because we couldn't find any participating CDs offered that we either wanted or didn't have already).

At some point in this past week, we saved enough lids (90) to qualify for our DVD, so we placed our order last night for Pride and Prejudice . This is the version from 1996 that we've checked out from the library a few times. My daughter and I had decided after checking it out the second time, that we really NEEDED to buy it. It was going to cost 39.99 at Barnes and Noble. Amazon's price is much more affordable at 19.99, but with the Pepsi stuff lids (something I use, but normally would just toss of course) then it was free.

We are excited. We have until November to play along in this save and exchange Pepsi stuff promotion. We drink Diet Pepsi, so it's not like we are buying something different than what I normally would. (I exchange Diet Pepsi with Diet Dr Pepper normally when I want a soft drink). The lids are also on our smaller 12 oz drinks that I use when I go out somewhere and want to take something, or when I want a drink by the computer. Given they are on the 12 oz and there are 12 per pack and that each bottle has a yellow Pepsi stuff lid, then we will reach our goals that much faster. The lids can also be found on the side of the road when you are driving by and riding your bike and you are doing the environment a favor by stopping and picking them up. My daughter is horrified that my son and I have picked up a few off the side of the road. Hey, Im not afraid of dumpster diving when necessary. Just sayin'....

This promotion is much better than the Dr Pepper on from the fall. Who can argue between the superiority of a free DVD vs Barbeque sauce? I dare you!

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I signed up for that once then promptly forgot about it after the first lid.

That is fun. I got a cool ringtone for my old cell phone from a pop bottle lid.

By Blogger Tanya, at 11:26 AM, April 07, 2008  

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