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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

  • Twenty three years ago today I began a new job.(that I no longer have)

  • I had asked for this job "on a whim".

  • It was at Yum Yum, a locally famous hot dog and ice cream restaurant in Greensboro that my family often went to growing up(and my father's family had gone to when he was growing up).

  • I started my job and on that day met my husband to be, Jay (love you Jay)

  • He helped me learn to make ice cream cones with a spoon.

  • It's not easy to make ice cream cones with a spoon.

It always amazes me how God works to bring people together. I was not looking for a husband. he wasnt looking for a wife. I was in my senior year (last two months) of high school. He was a senior at the University across the stree where I was scheduled to start in the fall. I consider, "what if I had gone to NC State or GTCC like I considered doing", and then know that what ifs are pointless. Praise God for how He works in our lives.

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