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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Belonging to a few graphics lists for several years, I have seen the following type of graphics come by every now and again. They always make me laugh. I have even made a few of my own from time to time. BubbleBeez passed these along to me this time. (thanks!)

They were somewhat appropriate here lately as I have had a few times in the past few weeks when I felt my computer was angry at me. I feel I am headed towards a reformat, but really am dreading it. I like how things are set up on here. I haven't HAD to do one in two years as I have become very friendly with the roll back feature on XP. (forget Vista-I get very set in my ways, especially where operating systems are concerned.) Even so, I know I probably have a lot of junk files on here and that this machine would run a bit more efficently not being bogged down with graphics, fonts,pictures, and various movies I have made. It would feel better without the games I have on here (that I have forgotten about) . I just know what the process is like to go from having things set to having to reset it all. Somehow I need to find the time to get everything ready to just do this and then go about doing it. I am pretty good at backing things up but I am constantly adding more content that needs to be backed up so it is a never ending process.
Im not afraid of reformating and doing things like that-it is more that I know what it is like and I'd rather not.
Maybe I need to take that last error message to heart-maybe my TV is missing me!
or not..

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