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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today a guy from the cable company came. He was totally amazed that we dont subscribe to cable. I mean, we have high speed Internet from them, but no cable TV. We had cable for a year right after we were married and then again for about six months before we found out we were pregnant with our daughter in 1989. In an attempt to cut costs with a baby coming, we easily got rid of the cable. I haven't really missed it and pretty much, anything worth seeing, my mother will VHS tape it for me.

Anyway, as he was doing his sales pitch, he asked me where I was from. He told me I sounded like I was from Maine or something. (do folks from Maine have a certain accent? Do folks from Maine sound like they are from the South?) I looked at him straight and told him I was from Greensboro (NC) , which is about 30 minutes away and that I was born and bred a southern girl. How dare anyone suggest anything otherwise. I KNOW I do NOT sound like I have lived anywhere but here, so I'm not really sure what he was thinking about. Hrmph!

I did get a "chip clip" for just listening to him though. Yeah!

In other news, I need to update you guys on the squirrel shooting ordinance I posted about back in January. I read an update in the latest Creekside Chronicle. It said that our Town Council decided to repeal the ordinance.

I guess that means I no longer can shoot squirrels that are in my yard if they bother me. Nope. No more going to the police to get a permit for a free for all shooting range in my front yard in the town limits!

Seriously folks, I am only kidding. I still find the whole thing that we even HAD an ordinance in the first place that would have allowed us to shoot squirrels very humorous. And now that it is repealed, I somehow feel like I have missed out. I've lived out here for sixteen years and I could have been having some hunting in my backyard ridding myself of squirrels. Just think of what I could have saved from my grocery budget for just shooting some squirrels running amuck in my backyard! (again, kidding!!)

I laugh, I shake my head and carry on...simply amazed at how much fun it is to live in a small southern country town.

Oh and for those who come to my blog again by doing a Google search looking for the shooting squirrels game, as you did before when I first mentioned this article, I have no idea what you are looking for. I do, however, welcome you to my blog!

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I don't have cable either. These days you can watch just about anything on the internet.

By Blogger Tanya, at 5:21 PM, March 26, 2008  

That's pretty much what I told the cable guy. Reception is pretty sketchy out here most of the time. We can pick up the major three or four plus PBS some of the time-kind of. We do a lot of checking movies out from the library and watching online for most of what we even care to watch-but would be nice to have other choices.(I just am not so sure we NEED it-nor that we have the time for more than the little we already enjoy here)

By Blogger Muddy, at 10:41 PM, March 26, 2008  

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