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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The biggest thing that doesn't work for me is to make a grocery list. I know for the most part people say that not making a list is a big no no.

For me though, making a list, planning meals, etc really wasted my time and caused a lot of frustration.

So many times I would get to the grocery store with a list and find that the meat that I needed to find for a particular recipe was not there, did not look good or was more expensive than I had counted on (based on the average cost of that meat)

I also could never count in sales on meat or other products with a list. If some particular meat is on sale (especially surprise store sales) or in the bargain meat area, then without a list I can make plans right then and there of the rest of what I'll need.

I also know pretty much what we need when we go to Wal-Mart, Sams, and what other grocery store I find myself in as I gather our food and household goods for the two week period I am shopping. My family is pretty easy to please. We generally buy the same products, in the same amounts week after week.

I also know that with my family, I like leaving a certain amount of meals open ended. I would rather have five to ten meals planned, leaving open the rest for a last minute choice when I have a taste for something in particular. The other nights I go into my stash of food that I have planned.

I know that this doesn't work for everyone, and might blow the budget for some...but for us it works to have the flexibility of not planning things so rigidly. I pretty much know what I am buying and live close enough to the store that I can fill in other meals later. My daughter has a part time job, so it isnt like I have that many days of being at home all day without anywhere to go.

Anyway....Lists, that is what DOESNT work for me this week.

Well that and trying to white water raft. White water rafting is evil. Pure evil! ;)

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Lists don't really work for me either. I spend more time reading my list going up one aisle then down the store to the next to find the next thing on my list and run all over. If I get there and just go up and down each one planning as I go it ends up working ok!

By Anonymous Dawn- Sweet Pea Cakes, Etc. Blog, at 1:31 AM, May 07, 2008  

I'm with you on the lists. I would like to be that organised, but I'm not, so being flexible works very well for me.

White water rafting however, although I have never tried it, is not something I would have ever grouped with shopping lists! good post!

By Blogger BundyMum, at 7:48 AM, May 07, 2008  

I always get carried away planning meals and end up getting more groceries than I should. By the time I get to the planned meals, the produce is starting to turn. It sure would help being more flexible!

By Blogger ames, at 12:15 PM, May 07, 2008  

Thanks Dawn, bundymum and ames for visiting my blog. I am glad I am not alone where having a list is concerned!

White water rafting might need to be it's own post sometime soon bundymum

By Blogger Muddy, at 9:16 PM, May 08, 2008  

Here's what you must not understand: the LIST is really just a starting point. .. . . it doesn't mean you can't have any and everything else you want just because it's not written down!!! : )

Now, if you try to make a list while white-water rafting, then. . .

By Blogger MSM, at 10:55 PM, May 10, 2008  

MSM, I have promised to never go white water rafting again, so rest assured, making a list while rafting is definitely not something I plan to ever do.

I really should dig those rafting pictures out and share them and the horrendous story that goes with them sometime.

By Blogger Muddy, at 2:11 PM, May 20, 2008  

Making a list doesn't work for me either, especially when my wife lets me try to make a grocery list. I just tend to buy more beyond my list. And I'm also no good at making lists of my plans for the week. I just love to do stuff that are not planned. Likewise, water rafting is such a great idea. I'm thinking of trying them this weekend. =)

By Anonymous David Deland, at 3:47 PM, July 25, 2011  

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