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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I don't usually watch Jimmy Kimmel, but...

There is always a "but" isnt there?

Anyway, but I heard that America Ferrera was on there one night and just happened to see that had that particular episode uploaded to their site.

So my kids and I sat here at the computer and one of the first things we see is this guy to the left all wrapped in bubble wrap.

The gag was that the bubble wrap would protect him in case of an earthquake in CA.

Later in the show, another guy doing another skit type thing just kept popping this guy's bubbles.

The whole thing was so absurd.

So anyway, we finally made it to the segment we were hoping to see. Forever though, I will have this image of the guy wrapped in bubble wrap. Jimmy Kimmel made the joke that they could auction him on eBay and mail him anywhere since he is now ready to be shipped.

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