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Thursday, July 31, 2008

MSM Has begun "Things in my house Thursday". In the spirit of joining in the fun, I share this photo above.

In general, this is how you would find my telephone, most days. It stays unplugged in order to keep it from ringing at times when I really do not want to go see who is calling, much less be bothered by a phone conversation. I don't like being interrupted by a phone call. I know at first I thought that having caller ID would help, that being on the national do not call list would help. I also was naive enough to think that putting that block on your phone where people HAVE to identify themselves would help-but it did not. We still get phone calls -mostly from people wanting to sell us something. Family and real friends know that if they really want to get in touch with us, they need to just email. My mother knows my cell number as does anyone else that really might need to get in touch of us in case of an emergency. We use a tracphone-so we pay as we go and limit how much we use it. Seriously, I've considered canceling our land line ...but have hesitated for now. It just seems weird to not have a land line phone. I mean, I will pick it up to make a quick call and then unplug it again (unless I am expecting a return call)...but for the most part-I would rather stay unconnected.

I know it might sound a bit anti social to not want a phone... I guess it started when homeschooling the kids. I could screen the calls, or I could go check who was calling from the caller ID-but I soon saw that I was still interrupted from whatever activity we were in. Sometimes I might would even be deep in my closet cleaning(hey it does happen from time to time) and would have to come out to talk on the phone. It would be just annoying.

A few people will comment about never being able to get us on the phone. When you try to explain it they just don't "get it". Personally, while the rest of the world is becoming more connected every day between their cell phones, computers, IM and handhelds, I personally desire to be less connected and have real conversations face to face when I see you. Those are the ones I welcome and love.

Thanks MSM for hosting sounds like it will be a blast.

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I cannot believe this post: I feel the EXACT same way! I 'threaten' all the time to just cancel the landline - I HATE hearing the phone ring, running to see who it is, and it is either the unknown, blocked, or out-of-area caller. So annoying!!! It is a huge distraction for homeschooling or just getting anything done.

My friends and fam also know to either email (my favorite) or call my cell.

Thanks for joining the meme!!

Hope to see you again next Thursday!

By Blogger MSM, at 7:34 PM, July 31, 2008  

I'm not ready to get rid of the landline yet, but I hear you, loud and clear!! If I can email someone, that's my communication choice.

By Blogger Amy, at 8:17 AM, August 01, 2008  

I'm so glad there are others that understand my feelings about the phone.

Thanks for hosting the weekly MSM. It was fun. I look forward to it next week.

Amy, thanks for visiting..I go back and forth about the land line thing...perhaps one day, but not yet. (though as I pay my phone bill each month, I do wonder why I hold onto it LOL)

By Blogger Muddy, at 2:13 PM, August 01, 2008  

We homeschool also. And there is this lady that we know that just keeps on calling during school hours. It will always be her at like 9 or 10 AM!

We never check our messages, so if you want a response, we check our email every 5 minutes....or less.


By Blogger sourpatch, at 1:40 PM, August 02, 2008  

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