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Thursday, July 10, 2008

My son, daughter and I went to see the Kit Kittredge movie today in the theater. My daughter loved reading all of the American Girl books growing up. So even though she is three weeks away from turning 18, she wanted to see this movie as Kit became her favorite American Girl character.

I found the movie was very well done, much better than the attempts that TV has made with producing some of the other American Girl stories. While my daughter said that they added certain things, changed others and took away a few elements, all in all I think she was pleased.

One thing I could not help but continue to notice was how Abigail Breslin looked in the blond wig as she played Kit Kittridge. It just looked odd to me. Perhaps it was best as it definitely gave a storybook look to her character which in the long run really works to translate what girls have in mind of what Kit looked like from the books.

The movie is set in the middle of the Great Depression. It tells the story of Kit, a 10 year old girl and how she and her family deal with life and those around them in this hard period of time. There is drama and laughter and a reminder we cannot judge those around us just because of the way that they appear. You never know the road that person has walked or where they might be headed.

One thing is for certain, then or now, life is often hard and full of so much uncertainty.

I could not help but consider how many times they mentioned homes being foreclosed on in the movie and how that might resonate with some of the families that see this movie in today's world. While we are not living in the Great Depression or anything like it , we do see our economy tanking, foreclosures everywhere, people loosing their jobs and money being stretched further and further by inflation. Perhaps there is something we in this generation could learn from our parent's and grandparent's generation: "Waste Not; Want Not".

That in and of itself could probably be another whole blog post, so without go off topic too much, I'll end by encouraging you to see the movie, and enjoy the show.

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