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Monday, June 23, 2008

My daughter (finally) got her driver's license today. She will be 18 in five weeks, and so will have to return then to get another one. Confused yet?

I know we were confused when we saw this license expired in five weeks at first. As we were driving down the highway, I asked my daughter when her license expired. She informed me that it expired on her birthday of this year. So we drove back to the DMV and asked her tester.

He told us that on her birthday (which is on a Saturday-so not sure how this will work for us yet) she will return and they will issue her another license that is for 18+ yr olds.

We're just learning as we go people.

She's had her permit for almost 3 years, having obtained it when she turned 15. We just were very slack getting her to the DMV after she had saved enough extra money from her job for her part of what the insurance was going to cost her since she is a "young driver" and all.

So now all is well. She can drive alone says the state of NC....At least between the hours of 5am and 9pm until she turns 18.

And her mama says...she is going to be 18 !?!


I'm not ready!

Graduation, License, Turning 18 all in one year. It sort of feels like when she was a baby and within a week (when she was 11 months) she cut her first 6 teeth and started walking all at once. Only difference now? Then she was walking towards me both as we called her and as she was in teething pain. Now she is driving from us as she spreads her wings. Indeed she has just molted her feathers a bit more this spring.

Fly baby bird fly!

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Those graduated licenses are confusing. We're just gonna wait until Christopher turns 18 before upping his.

By Blogger MSM, at 7:28 PM, June 26, 2008  

Her permit was to expire when she turned 18, so we needed to try to get there sometime then or before. At this point it probably would have made more sense to take her then since she will have to pay 32 bucks at that time after just now paying out 15. (for five weeks worth of driving) Something is wrong with that equation.

My Christopher is still waiting to take the driving part of his driver's ed. He then will get a permit, maybe. NC state law requires them to be in school to be allowed to drive. He is in school and I have the paper from the state for the DMV for when we need it-it's just that by the time he might be able to get his permit-wait a year for his license thereafter-he may very well be 18 anyway. Too many laws and regulations there IMO

By Blogger Muddy, at 3:22 AM, June 30, 2008  

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