From The Mud Puddle

Saturday, June 25, 2005

A few more changes to my blog here. Something happened after the last changes and the color bars were off somehow. I didn't really have time to play with it until tonight...and still couldn't get it right. I played with a few other standard blogger templates with no success in finding something I liked. I thought about surfing the web to see if there were any other blogger templates out there I could use, and found this one. Simple and quick, I had a new look, and one that kind of could look like rain dropping into a puddle.. All this could still change if I find something I like better...but for is my new look and style.
Take a look at the links over there~~> I have yet to come up with the "perfect" site that describes me and what I do here...what you get between this blog and what you see over there is an eclectic look of me..and not complete by far.
So thanks for visiting....and yes, you are in the right back to that sporadic blogging you are used to. ;)

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