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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Alamance County Arts Council is celebrating their 50th Anniversary with a special art exhibit. They have displayed around the town of Burlington and Alamance County statues by J Seward Johnson. The pieces are a part of a bigger group of work by this man called Man on The Street.
They will be on display until the end of October.

My family and drove around Alamance County on Tuesday searching for these statues. We took over 200 photos of them. I have put some of them here on this slide show: My J Seward Johnson Kodak Slide show . I also made a slide show/movie to music displayed below in the next post.

We have seen all but two of them. It took most of the afternoon to capture the various shots. We had fun interacting with the art, enjoying the details of each one and then coming home with the memories that can only come from riding around in the car all day with your family! :)

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