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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Recently, season two of Meerkat Manor began. The kids and I have been watching tapes of this show that my mother sends home and we are definitely hooked. How a bunch of meerkats and their lives can be so interesting, I'll never know...but they are.

The main family of meerkats that they follow are the Whiskers. Their main arch rivals are the Lazulis. This season, they introduced a new rival gang of meerkats...the commandos. They seem to be even more ruthless than the Whiskers or the Luzulis. The dominate male of the Commandos is Hannible. He only has one eye. He looks mean and bad. Above on the left is a picture of Hannible. I tried to find a better picture of Hannible online, but could not. I took this picture with my digital camera off TV (that is why it isnt that great of quality) The other picture is of our dog, Bayley. Bayley and I were snuggling last night. He really doesn't like the camera. He tolerates it. Sneezing has always been his word for yes and his defense mechanism for things he doesn't like. Last night I guess he didn't like the position he was in, so as Hannah snapped the picture of Bayley, he sneezed. This was the picture that came out. I said "that looks like Hannible of Meerkat Manor". Indeed he does look like he is trying to mimic the evil meerkat. In fact he also was trying to apparently act out a scene from the show as well. You see, as soon as I let him go, he got caught somehow in my jumpsuit or my bedspread and he freaked out. He snapped at me and ended up snaring his teeth on my arm. Blessed, the skin didn't break, but I did end up with a swollen area that bruised temporarily. It is fine and well, after Bayley learned a much needed reminder of submission by being "bit" with my hand on his neck and flipped on his back (as per the Dog Whisperer's examples) he was sorry he over reacted to the loving.

Still and yet, just look at that face! We have marveled over how it really seems he is trying to look like the mean, bad boy of the Commandos in Meerkat Manor.

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