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Friday, February 09, 2007

I had been hearing various people talk about the show House . Usually I just ignore the talk. Most of what seems to be out there is either uninteresting, crude or vulgar. This show, however, caught my eye. I looked at the web site and then , doing as I usually do, I asked my husband (who will watch almost anything) if he had ever watched it. He had and said with a shrug..."yeah, you might be interested." So, for the past several weeks, I've been catching up on the shows that brought us up to date currently. It was a marathon of sorts. One thing about this sort of marathons...especially with visually graphic shows (lots of blood, extreme diseases etc) you dream weird things. The kids and I started joking when one of us had a tiny almost non existent scratch that nooooo, it wasnt a tiny scratch...but it meant ...and then made up some sickness and organ failure that it all meant (like how outrageous the show is and does) We've had fun. Now that we are caught up, we are "detoxing" from having watched so many. I believe on the last night or two of our marathon, I dreamed that I had some horrible disease and was having to have 100's of tests to see what was wrong before they took me into surgery. I had to laugh at it all.
It all became summed up today. I was writing down entries into the checkbook, when I looked at my hand and saw puddles of red!! BLOOD??!!?? Where was I bleeding? Why was I bleeding? Why didn't it hurt when I started bleeding?? It was then that my husband looked over and said..."Oh your pen is leaking" was a red ink pen! LOL I was not just spontaneously bleeding. I was fine...and had to laugh at myself because I knew my mind went into overdrive because of this silly TV show . (especially as I know we must still be in detox from an overdose of HOUSE)

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