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Thursday, April 05, 2007

"There was a time when the frontier was out west. Mountains, prairies and deserts. Limitless miles of wilderness, which no boot or shoe had ever crossed. Today it's the complete opposite. Every available inch of our grate land has been touched by enough heels and soles to make a footwear mountain. But does this mean there is no more frontier to conquer? Absolutely not. There is in fact an even wider, vaster domain of open planet on which the people of the twenty first century have yet to put a gas station or a hamburger stand. But it isnt the land. It's the water. Water. The sum total of every ocean, sea, lake, river and stream. An enormous stretch of territory encompassing two thirds of the world. Out on the greatest bodies of water-the open oceans- there are no stop lights, no traffic signs. Nothing to slow you down. All you need is a boat and a breeze and you're off, climbing the waves with both feet. How far and how fast you go is up to you. "

I bought a pair of Sperry top siders today. (I usually buy keds-but none could be found in the size or style I was looking for today) This was the story on the Sperry box. I found it an interesting thought...that the remaining frontiers are bodies of water...and of course they believe you need their shoes to explore them. I dont know if I'll be exploring any waterways with my new shoes. More than likely they will see the paths well traveled of my life...but one can always think of that other frontier out on the deep blue sea...

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