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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The other day we received the latest edition of the Bob Jones University Press Homeschoolers Catalog. (the ABeka one should be following shortly) I considered briefly throwing it on away. The only thing I'll need from them in the next two years are grammar workbooks. (and I could easily order those online when the time comes to order them for my son's 11th and 12th year of school). This will be a strange year as my daughter finishes her 12th year and we no longer have to buy anything (beyond said workbooks for grammar). It was just a strange moment for me to consider we are done buying much of anything for homeschooling. No more stalking out "good deals" on eBay or the local home school store or the local used book store (where occasionally we've found some very good prices on used home school curriculum)

We are nearing the end of this particular season God set us on many years ago. The kids stood there looking at the cover of the catalog with me as I expressed the above thoughts to them. I just wanted to record them here because it is a milepost for our family.

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