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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yesterday, I posted about things I might would grab if I had 10 minutes to do so with the knowledge that my family and critter was safe. It felt familiar to consider it and I suppose this is why...Perhaps the thing that has changed is that if I had 10 minutes I probably would grab my PC (or if a laptop-that)...but without that time, there would probably be hundreds of things I'd grab before this. I think it would be nice to not have so many things to consider-perhaps becoming less burdened over time, as I continue to grow older.

I was doing some research back through some of my older posts and came upon this statement from late in 2004 that I made:

Its funny , sort of...that as my husband and I were talking last night....the topic came up about things we'd take in an extreme emergency...Supposing we had the time to grab a few things. Suprisingly to my husband, as he knows this is "My world" so often( literally, when I've been sick, and when we only had one car...etc...), the computer really wasn't one of them. (perhaps if I had a laptop...but since I don't, the computer isn't one) We also talked about how we have tried again and again to become less hindered by our things and by the pull of this world. (and we're slowly getting there....praise God) We have done different things to lessen what is actually "ours" in our home, from selling on eBay, to giving things away that we do not need anymore. We even had a yard sale/give sale last year. When I die, I do not want a house full of stuff left behind that my kids have to go through and sort out. I would hope our monies would have gone more towards our survival, our kids and grandkids while we are here to help them as they have need as well as other things God may put in our path to do....I even wonder at times why we have homes. Ours is a modest home...and we do actually do more here than does keep us dry and clean. But so many just have homes to house their things. They own things, and have to pay to maintain things....and their whole existence is about their stuff. Hmm...just some thoughts there.

I think it better explains where I am. I do admit to liking our "comforts of home", but likewise hope to die without a lot of money or things -having used them for God's glory somehow in life. Amen

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