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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dear Suntrust,

A few years ago, I picked up this drink cozy at one of your locations inside of Harris Teeter. I have loved having this drink cozy and have used it faithfully, especially in the summertime when condensation seems to be a problem more than any other time.
My drink cozy has seen better days; yet I cannot find another one just like it. I am attached to this drink cozy and have considered if it is even possible for me to restitch it together. It is falling apart one stitch at a time.
I would love another drink cozy just like this one. Could you oblige? I doubt you still have any that have the NASCAR logo on them like this one, but that's OK since the main thing I wish to have is a good replacement for this cozy before this one completely comes apart at the seams.
Thanks for your consideration,

Muddy aka Linda

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