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Monday, November 22, 2010

It is hard to know how to follow the last post on my blog. It's been three months and every time I have come here to consider what I should write, I get distracted by Bayley's picture and go on search for other pictures or videos that I have posted on here of him. He is missed and it seems not a week goes by that we have some memory stirred of what life was like when he was here living with us.

Just last week, I had the roaster up on the counter top in order to cook a turkey. In the past, whenever we'd cook something in there, Bayley would circle around underfoot hoping something would drop into his food dish or mouth. We'd shoo him out of the kitchen and make him watch from afar. It was odd picking the turkey apart without him here.

Life goes on and we have had to continue walking in order to stay in step. Its just nice to remember him here and there as we think about him.

I cannot believe it is the week of Thanksgiving already. I am scheduled to pick up a ham on Tuesday for us to have here on Thursday for the four of us from Honey Baked Ham. It was just a little treat we thought would be nice this year rather than baking our own. It will be nice to just concentrate on cooking the sides rather than the whole meal.

My mother in law has invited us to come Thursday, but with the uncertainty of the kid's schedule's Thursday and Friday (Hannah has to be at work at 3 am Friday morning), and the fact we are all still sick with fever, coughs, stomach upset seems to make more sense to stay home and make sure we are all well enough to do our jobs. I just hope we are all well enough to enjoy the ham by then.

Recently we subscribed to Netfix streaming and have enjoyed having instant access to so many various titles. We do not have cable, so even cable shows that are several years old are new to us and enjoyable. It's pretty reasonable in price to subscribe and there is the benefit of being able to stream it through our computers or the Wii. Technology amazes me.

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