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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's been a while since I made no bake cookies. I remember my mom making them after one of us kids brought this sheet home that had the recipe. Tonight I made them from a church cookbook my mother gave me years ago from the church I grew up going to. It's been a while since making them. My husband loves unsure why I haven't made them more often. He will like seeing them on the counter when he gets home in a few hours.
My kids vaguely remember my making them the last time. They enjoyed watching the process tonight...and then eating them. Somehow this progressed to teaching them how to make oatmeal by cooking it (as opposed to just heating water and then adding the instant oatmeal packets). We experimented with adding some spice and some sugar and came up with something 'interesting", yet ok. Bayley seemed to like it. We are going to play with it some more..
All this is a short way of just trying to explain my time with my kids that I treasure and enjoy. What my words cannot ever convey is that feeling between us, the jokes and the love. How something so simple can bring such additional joy is beyond me. Its just in the time-not in the activity. The activity is just the background noise. What matters is the love. And with it all, my husband will also be included in it as we share our adventures with he enjoys a cookie made with our hands and smiles.

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