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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I have cut my heat on this evening. This is only the second time this season that I have cut it on. I do not like to cut it on as I usually prefer things a bit cooler than warmer and I do not like the dry heat drying out my hands. (not to mention the allergy implications of running the heat for me) Today, however, I am freezing! We went out early to take my daughter to the orthodontist and then returned where it was cooler, windy and rainy outside. The inside temperature was 52. It was time for some heat. I have learned if I cut it on and gradually increase the temperature, I dont get that musty dusty smell that comes from not having it on in a long while as much.

So I mentioned we had to take my daughter to the orthodontist. She has had braces for about 16 months I believe. The orthodontist keeps saying we are close.(and it's really early for them to be close-but she is) They continue to tweak things so that her teeth are right. Last time she was there, they removed what they call a "power chain". Instantly (within a day or two) her two front teeth started moving apart. We called, they said "Don't worry about it unless it becomes more visible". We continued to watch it. It became more visible. I called this morning and was glad they could see her this week. (next week life spins out of control if all goes well-phone books) They only added a partial power chain. I questioned them about it and the girl that was the one following the orthodontist instructions just kept saying "That's what she said to do". She never would give me a reason why. I just happened to see the orthodontist coming back our way, so I asked her. She did give me an explaination, but it didn't make much sense...but at least she gave an explaination. Hannah goes back to the orthodontist again in three weeks. They said that they would put another one back on then. We'll see how it goes.

Why I mention this is that I really do not think it is healthy or good for people to just blindly follow whatever their health care/dental care worker says to do without knowing WHY! We should not just take what they say at face value, but also get a reasonable and understandable explaination for what is happening with our care. If it makes sense to us, then we become part of the solution and will be more willing to follow the instructions laid out before us. Our family doctor is good to do this, but some other doctors and apparently in this orthodontist office they do not do this well. I almost wonder if it's an arrogance of sorts where it's too much trouble to explain to those that have not had the same schooling they have so they try to hem and haw over explaining things to the "commoners". Like I said, not all are like this...but we do run into them from time to time. I just like to take an active roll in what I am doing ...and I want to have the knowledge to back it all up in the meantime.

Because of the orthodontist appointment and a quick trip to my mom's house, we are a bit off in our day. This is where the flexibility of homeschooling is a blessing. The kids are finishing up with what school they didn't get done. Clothes are washing and dinner is cooking. The rain and wind continues to beat down on our house. The only plans it somewhat has changed is that I had hoped to make it to the grocery store today. For now, that is put off until tomorrow.

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