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Thursday, November 09, 2006

A few weeks ago I posted some pictures of the mums outside of our house. The time has come to cut them as the frost seems to be effecting them somewhat. I had thought about drying some of them to preserve them a little longer. I never have dried flowers myself before. I looked around the Internet to see what I needed to do and found it would be easy enough it seemed. So, today I cut the mums from their base and tied ribbons around the bottoms of them to hang them upside down. Since we had rain the past two days, I thought it might be good to let them hang outside overnight to finish drying out a little that way before bringing them inside to hang. Here is one of the groupings outside-waiting to be brought inside..if they are not TOO fragrant. We also put a few in in some little bud vases around the house. I dont know how long that will last given some fragrances and flowers do bother me. We'll see.

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