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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was looking for new glasses. I picked them up two weeks ago. At first, they were strange. They were a tiny bit smaller than the ones that I was replacing and well....for those of you out here that might be reading along, new glasses with a new strength of prescription just is weird at first until you get used to it. Anyway-these are a pair of Guess frames I found at my doctor's office. (officially they are GU 1285 Brown 49 if interested) At first it also took a lot of time for them to adjust them to my head and ears where they felt just right. We left and then returned to the office a few minutes later for yet another adjustment. I am happy with the results.

It is sort of funny though. The only "extra" I added onto my glasses was the low level "thin lens". I didn't add anti glare or any other special effects. That first night, as I was walking through the house, the night light caught a reflection in my glasses and projected it in front of me . I started swatting at nothing, thinking there was something "out there" in the air. LOL This has happened a couple of times. Perhaps next time I will add the anti glare...or perhaps not. This could have some small entertainment value for me and my family as I become this strange lady swatting at nothing. :)

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