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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Last year I went to the Dollar Tree when I needed to get my loved ones something for Valentine's day. I was happy to find them each a mylar balloon and some candy-Cheap.

This year, I figured I'd do the same thing. So, I drove to the Dollar Tree with one thing in mind, to buy ONE balloon for each of my loved ones (minus the dog because honestly, he really doesn't care for these balloons-if nothing else it is just something else to bark at for him.) I also figured I'd find some kind of candy box for my kids and husband and that would be it. I was thinking I probably would get out of there for less than 10 bucks. I mean, I really do love my family...but I know I dont have to spend a lot of SHOW it this one day. (plus I plan to make a pan of fudge before the day is over today...and that counts for more I think) I had ten minutes to spare before having to go pick up my daughter from work.

I was a woman on a mission.

I walk into the Dollar tree and saw lots and lots of marvelous balloons. I began to make my way through them all and saw that very few were being sold as singles. The plain ordinary ones were being sold as singles, but if you wanted something special, then you had to buy the set of five (which also came with a nice little weight) All of this was six dollars. It would give me five balloons. That would be enough to divide out among my husband, son and daughter. Then I noticed in some sets a cute little froggie balloon. My first thought was to say that one would be Bayley's-but as Ive already noted, Bayley really doesn't care about balloons, so I tossed that idea. I then saw where some of the sets had TWO froggie balloons. Perfect! I could get a set with two froggie balloons. I also liked the sets that had a flower balloon in them. So I looked through all the sets they had until I found a set that had two froggie balloons and one flower happy valentine balloons. (I was also totally loosing track of time too) That left two other happy valentine balloons in the set. I decided to find a single one that said I love you to add to my husband's set. That way, all three of them would receive two mylar balloons. All three of them would have one each that said happy valentine's day and one that said I love you. (the froggie balloon said I love you)

In the meantime, I also had found the ONLY kind of valentine boxed candy they had left. It was a pooh bear box with heart shaped peanut butter chocolate candies in it. My daughter really loves the valentine boxes of candy. She doesn't need much-she'll take something simple-but this has always been her thing. She also likes lemon heads, so I bought her some of those too. I found my husband a bag of smarties and my son a bag of razzles (because we saw a movie that talked about those a year or so ago and my kids have wondered what they are like). They also each got a box of sweet hearts. (and by each-I am also including the dog on this-because they came in a package of 4 and because he loves them very much)

I also found a couple of other assorted items as I was looking around...nothing much you's ONLY the Dollar Tree. uh huh...I'll keep telling myself that.

When I checked out, I found that my bill was 20 dollars

How could my simple quick trip into the dollar tree become 20 dollars?

Let's not process that question.
Moving on..

As I was walking out of the store, I was passed by a cute little girl and her mom. The little girl started waving at me, at least I think she was waving at me. Probably more accurately she was waving at the balloons. She started pointing at them. I told her they were for my children. Her mom said, "oh that's sweet", but I'm sure that she also was thinking, "I'll never make it out of the dollar tree without a balloon now"

You're welcome mom of cute little girl!

I stuffed the packages and balloons into the car being careful to not pop any of them. I drove to pick up my daughter. She called me as I was pulling into the parking lot. I was late. I answered and said, "I'm here, I'm here".
I told her not to peak in the back seat and whatever she did she shouldn't look at the balloons back there. She said, "right".

We drove to the post office to mail some eBay items I had sold lately and then on to home.

When I pulled the balloons out of the car, I saw one of them was deflated. Of course it was one of the froggie balloons. It was slashed across the neck. Poor froggie balloon. It went into the trash can. Now all my careful planning and thinking spent in the Dollar Tree was now in ruins. OK , perhaps it wasnt that tragic, but I was still sad about it. Now I'd have to decide which of my kids got the froggie balloon. My daughter made the suggestion that I just go back and buy one more. I told her that I couldn't without buying a
My son on the other hand just told me to give it to his sister.
My plans were deflated, so rather than wait until tomorrow...I went ahead and divided out the goods.
My son ended up with the froggie balloon and one that said Happy Valentine's day.
My daughter got the flower balloon.
(I liked that my son suggested giving it to his sister, so I gave it to him since her suggestion was to GO BACK AND GET ANOTHER ONE) LOL

and my husband will see his two when he gets home.

I had another errand to do this afternoon and found my daughter a consolation prize for not getting the froggie balloon. It was a cute little frog that vibrated as you pulled this string with a heart out of it's mouth.
She loved it.

Yes I already gave it to her, you cannot buy anything at Especially Yours at the Stoney Creek Shopping Center without the fragrance of the store giving it away.

Things still feel uneven between them...and I so like things to be fair...
This was suppose to be a simple valentines day trip for under 10 bucks.

It's now gone haywire.
Do I still have to make the fudge?
And this doesn't count the fact I haven't made their cards yet either...

Oh Dear!

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