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Saturday, February 02, 2008

This past week, I was looking through some recipes at The Pioneer Woman Cooks and ran across an interesting recipe for making quesadillas. I love to EAT quesadillas, but I have never made them myself. The whole idea was beyond me. The recipe at the pioneer woman cooks site, however, had PICTURES and enough instructions that I felt brave enough to try it.

Last night, I took my two kids to buy steak meat (we just buy the cheapo small little steaks; enough for each of us to get a taste of steak without the high price) We also bought onion, zucchini, a green pepper, some roma tomatoes, the tortillas (of course) and some cheese. I put it all in the fridge until this afternoon. I was excited about playing with this food and see if we would come out with anything edible.

After picking my daughter up from work, My husband and I went to work on making this meal. He is my steak cooker and so he got the broiler going while I chopped veggies. I then also started the cooking process. I cooked the peppers, the onions, and the zucchini. I also started "cooking" the tortillas too. (as she says to-I didnt just make that part of "how to" up y'all) Everything was getting really hot. By now the steaks were done and my husband pulled them out of the oven. He sloshed the steak sauce/steak juices over the edge of the broiler pan. (you would think we never have cooked before the way this was going) This liquid came flying at me and the pan I was cooking in. The top of the stove was covered. Things started sizzling, steam started rising. We both stepped back and said, "Whoa!" Then the smoke detector went off. Down the hall, like she has done it all her life, my daughter ran for her pillow to fan the smoke detector so it would quit. Now that I think of it, she has done it her whole life, at least for as long as she could swing a pillow. My son decided it might be a good time to take Bayley out for a potty break as Bayley thinks the whole house is going to fall down around us when the smoke detector goes off. (He very might be on to something there!) I cut the hood fan on and eventually everything went back to the calm roar of before as we finished cooking up the food. Lastly we had to put the tortillas into the oven. We had cooked WAY too much stuff for these four tortillas to hold. I am sure we probably were either suppose to spread out the food into more tortillas or we should have just set some of the veggies aside for another meal. (my husband will gladly eat leftover anything) We waited for them to get done and then added some tomatoes and sour cream. We all took a nice big bite out of the ones we customized for ourselves. They were very good. We might have to play around with this whole idea another time or two to perfect it to our liking, but it was fun and we didn't burn the house down. Once again, we are thankful for another meal and shelter that remains(at least for now) over our heads.

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